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Network power

We believe in the power of synergy created in the places where innovation is generated.

Open Innovation, a gradual learning path

Tackle the challenge of open innovation through a gradual process, disseminating a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in a company, learning and introducing innovation procedures and skills within an ecosystem, and governing processes of innovation within and without a company’s boundaries.



The purpose of the DISCOVERY phase is to disseminate a culture of open innovation in the company and introduce the first tools that can be used to spread a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. The company initiates the discussions with players in the PoliHub ecosystem.



The stage of EMPOWERING is the necessary preliminary step to learning the typical processes and skills of an innovation ecosystem and a truly open innovation culture. Relationships become more intense as you penetrate the ecosystem, becoming an active player.



The stage of EXPLOITING means learning to govern the processes of innovation, inside and outside company boundaries, defining strategies, policies, budgets, partnerships and objectives to achieve.

A Community of Deep Tech Innovators

We are a community of people interested in the technological and scientific innovation generated by startups and a knowledge platform where we can share our values and interests, improve our assets, trigger synergy and new business opportunities.

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Open innovation

Relationships between companies and startups are at the centre of a game to accelerate technological progress, the generation of new companies and innovation in consolidated companies. Are you ready to play?

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